Highly Disappointed. 

The more I use the Internet and watch videos on YouTube, this generation disappoints me more and more each time! 

Now I know generations are like for 20 years or something. I believe I’m in Generation Y, like why they acting such a fool! The generation that is here today, the little 13-16 year olds, I don’t want to this world when they’re the elders! 

My nephew is in middle school, this year alone there was 2 pregnant girls in his class! Is the normal age now 11 to be sexually involved with someone?! I didn’t even know what it was when I was 11! 

Our public school system did a survey to see how many MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL kids use heroin, since our town has seen 25+ overdoses this month alone. The results made me sick, over 50 middle schoolers voted yes more than one time use, and 1/3 high schoolers voted yes for more than one time use. 

When I was in highschool, a handful of kids did that shit and they weren’t going around bragging about it! What ever happened to some weed n shrooms?! 

Also, everytime I get on YouTube, there’s all these awful videos of animals being tortured, people beating the shit out of people when they’re down, and you know what most of these “people” are young adults around my age! Hurting animals like they have no heart, beating people senseless for looking the wrong way. I can’t stand this generation!!! If you’re a young person apart of this generation and still know RESPECT….THANK YOU!!!! 

Rant over, sorry! A woman got arrested today for beating her dog to death in the middle of the street, and smiled I. Her mugshot, really just got my blood boiling!!





  1. anxietygirl365 · April 21, 2016

    I get worked up about that stuff too. I work with kids from bad areas and they tell me that the are involved in all this crazy stuff and I’m always shocked… I know I’m kind of a lame person (never experimented or anything), but sometimes I can’t believe the things I hear! I always think to myself omg when I was your age, I was so innocent! Lol

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  2. annebellasays · April 21, 2016

    You know what? I don’t see it as much because now that my kids are grown I don’t see their friends often, etc. But what you describe is a nightmare. Just keep being your wonderful self and hopefully these morons will see the light.

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  3. The Anxiety Chronicles · April 20, 2016

    I think the same thing of this generation. I’ve never seen so much ignorance, violence and sexual behavior since this generation came about. It’s scary!

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · April 20, 2016

      Omg I agree! I’m only 22 this year and I’m so disappointed in people that are only 3 years younger than me! All of my friends are in their 30s because I can’t surround myself by people like that!

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  4. K · April 20, 2016

    Our parents say we’re crazy. Lol. But this Generation is just indescribable…and I mean that in a terrible way.

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