Where my followers live. 

If there’s one thing I love about how WordPress is set up, its the countries!

I think it’s amazing how people from all over the world are taking their time to read my stories and follow my blog! Countries amaze me, I don’t know if it’s my want to wander but I love reading about other countries and their traditions. I know everyone says “don’t believe what you read online” but how am I supposed to not when I’m reading about other countries? I don’t know what life is like in other countries, I’ve never been outside of the US. 
So I figured, why not make a post about the countries I have followers from. I’m going to post some pictures of the countries that I could find online and also what info I can find online about said country! 

Let’s start! 

🔹United States: 

Capital : Wasington DC. Population: 318.9 million.** Info found National Geographic*. 

🔹United Kingdom: 

CCapital : London! Population: 63 million. **info found: EducationUK**. 


Capital: Canberra. Population: 22 million. **info found: Science Kids**. 


CCapital: New Delhi. Population: 1.2 billion  **info found: Science Kids**. 


Capital: Manila. Population: 102 million. 


Capital: Ottawa. Population: 35 million.    **info found: Science Kids“. 

🔹Sri Lanka: 

Capital: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, and Colombo. Population: 20.48 million.      **info found: Wiki**


Capital: Ljubljana. Population: 2.6 million **info found: Wiki.“. 


Capital: Bucharest. Population:20million. **Info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Jakarta. Population: 255,461,700. **info found: Wiki**. 

Capital: Madrid. Population: 46.77 million. **info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Islamabad. Population: 191.2 million. **info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Berlin. Population: 80.62 million. **info found: Wiki.**. 


Capital: Accra. Population: 25.9 million. **info found: Ghana Embassy**. 


Capitol: Lima. Population: 30.38 million. **info found: Country Meter**. 

🔹 New Zealand

Capital: Wellington. Population: 4.6 million. **info found: Wiki!**. 


Capital: Jerusalem. Population:  8.059.  **info found: CIA**. 

🔹Caribbean Netherlands. 

Capital: Amsterdam. Population: 16.8 million. **info found: Wiki**. 


Capital: Kuala Lumpur. Population: 29.72 million. Info found: Statistics

🔹South Africa: 

Capital: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein. Population: 52.98 million. **info found: South Africa Info**. 


Capital: Nairobi. Population: 44.35 million. **info found: Country Meters**. 


Capital: Phnom Penh. Population: 15.14 million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Dublin. Population: 4.701 million. 


Capital: Singapore! Ain’t that cool? Population: 5.399 million. info found: Wiki!


Capital: Paris. Population: 65 million. Info found: WorldoMeters


CCapital: Bangkok. Population:68.1 million info found:WorldOMeters


Capital: Brussels, and City of Brussels. Population: 11.2 million. Info found: Country Meters.


CCapital: Manama. Population: 1.332 million. Info found: Wiki

🔹Costa Rica: 

Capital: San Jose. Population: 4.872 million. Info found: CIA

🔹Hong Kong SAR China: 

Population: 7.188 million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Stockholm. Population:9.593 million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Buenos Aires. Population: 43,805,467million. Info found: Country Meters


Capital: Oslo. Population: 5.084 million. Info found: Wiki

🔹 Taiwan: 

Capital: Taipei. Population: 23.48 million Wiki


Capital: Mexico City. Population: 122.3 million. 


Capital: Warsaw. Population: 38.53 million. Country Meters

🔹Puerto Rico: 

Capital: San Juan. Population: 3.5 Million. Info found:Wiki


Capital: Moscow. Population: 143.5 million. Info found: WorldoMeters


Capital: Abuja. Population:187 million. Info found: WorldoMeters


PCapital: Lisbon. Population: 10.46 million. Info found: Country Meters.


Capital: Quito. Population:15.74 million. Info found : Country Meters

Omg this was awesome to do! I found out so much stuff about countries I never knew about. I can’t believe this many people from some beautiful places are taking the time and reading my blog! 

Thank you! 



  1. Cinderzenablogs · May 10, 2016

    The number of countries is crazy! To think we get to meet people from around the world from our couches 😛 Yay Sri Lanka!! haha. Great idea for a post indeed!!

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · May 10, 2016

      Thank You! And yes, Sri Lanka is amazing, not that I’ve ever been there, but the photos online!!

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      • Cinderzenablogs · May 10, 2016

        I’m going to be super patriotic and say it really is!! ^_^ I get so excited when someone else gets excited abt SL, caz its such a tiny country, but such a lil gem too, that unfortunately makes headlines for the wrong reasons, and no one really cares about. lol. Fun Fact: the blue sapphire that Kate Middleton has on her engagement ring is from SL and my dad happens to know the son of the guy who gave the stone 😛 pretty neat. I hope this qualifies me to be Prince George’s babysitter XD

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        • yourenotaloneinthisworld · May 10, 2016

          Haha! I don’t believe the media and the stuff they say on headlines. I honestly can say, American headlines don’t know shit about foreign countries unless they’ve been there to see it with their own eyes. I don’t judge countries by the way our news portrayed them. Shit, each country has their down side and their upside! Sri Lanka seems amazing from the research I’ve done about backpacking in Sri Lanka. The only downside about Sri Lanka that I’ve read, is the view on gay people there. But like I said, that’s what the Internet says. so you tell me, is there lgbt Awarness over there or is it illegal? :/

          Liked by 1 person

        • Cinderzenablogs · May 10, 2016

          Well media sure know how to twist a topic lol. LGBT is something that will take some time to break into the older generations. Period. They wouldn’t be able to see past it from what I’ve been hearing myself. The younger generations are very accepting and I know girls who are so. That’s why everyone leaves the country. Done with school then kabam, go off, not like there’s job opportunities to keep us here anyways. As for being legal or not, it hasn’t got enough awareness for have some law about it. Its still in the low key stages over here.

          Liked by 1 person

        • yourenotaloneinthisworld · May 10, 2016

          I completely understand what you mean! The US legalized same sex marriage throughout all 50 states but the older generation still does not accept. But I’m glad the younger generation over there is more open about it! That sucks that everyone ends up leaving the country! Thanks for explaining all that to me!

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        • Cinderzenablogs · May 10, 2016

          No worries:)

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