Reblogged: “Kudos to Kristen Bell”

Originally posted on: Tiny Acts Of Self Care. This is an amazing post about Kristen Bell admiring to having anxiety and depression and being medicated for it, on The Off Camera Show! I would of never seen this if I wouldn’t of stumbled across Tiny Acts Of Self Care, Thank You! It’s nice to know that famous people some of us look up to, struggle like us. 

“Major kudos to Kristen Bell for this amazing interview to The Off Camera Show! I am so pleased that more and more celebrities are opening up about their struggles with mental health problems and explaining that there is absolutely no shame in taking medication. It’s awesome that Kristen’s mum sat her down and talked to […]



  1. Helen · May 11, 2016

    Thanks so much for this post! Hope you have a lovely day. Take care 🙂 xx

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