May Photo A Day Challenges! 

Ah; my super busy week has finally ended!!!! 

Right now this post is going to be all the may photo a day challenges that I missed! 

Day 16:) Bush/Plant: 

our bush in our front yard, looking out the window. 

Day 17) Decoration:

This is a DIY decor thing I’m trying to make for the patio or screened in porch for this summer:) 
Day 18) Beauty/Health Product: 

Hands down my favorite hand cream! Wind Swept by Mark Collection from Avon. Smells too good!  

Day 19) Calendar:

Our kitchen calendar. 

Today’s challenge: the 20th: Notebook! 

I don’t really write in Notebooks, so I literally don’t have one! The only kind of notebook I have are drawing pads! More of a doodler than a writer! 

Since my week is over, I’ll be writing a lot more now!! 

Have a few guest post that I’m currently working on! 


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  1. gettingthroughanxiety · May 21, 2016

    I like the decoration!

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