The Daily Dose.

I don’t know how many of my followers have a “daily dose” but I sure as hell do. I just have to say, it’s hell, I suck at remembering when to take my medication. You’d think after “needing” this meds for almost 9 years, I would have it down pact when to take my meds. I’ve tried everything, the nice medication alert apps they have, the fancy old grandma M-S pill boxes, writing notes on my pill bottles, everything!


I never remember, and when I do remember it’s like “ahhh i feel awful, I’m a robot aimlessly walking around in this shell”. When I go awhile without taking my medication, the day I take it isn’t the same as being on it for years. I’m slow, my brain takes things in differently, my motions are slower than usual, my eyes feel like they’re moving all over the place, I analyze my surroundings even more than off my meds, I’m zombiefied. Now I know a lot of people who are supposed to take medication say “I feel like a zombie”. I can promise you, this isn’t an excuse, it’s very legit.


Some days I’ll be having the worst day of all, paranoid at my worst, anxious as hell, voices louder than ever, and I still won’t take my meds because I don’t want to be doped up for the rest of the day.

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Doctors need to be able to figure out something better than this, I need to be a functioning person, not a functioning zombie.

My Vyvanse makes me wired, My Ativan makes me calm, My Saphris makes me sleepy, My Effexor makes me stupefied and zombie like, What the fuck kind of combination is this shit?


That’s it, I’m a clusterfuck .



  1. LostinLife · July 1, 2016

    I’m super rubbish at taking my meds! I’m meant o take them in the morning because they’re basically uppers that will keep me awake and if I’m not at work I always forget or take them stupid late.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · July 2, 2016

      I always keep them in my purse to make sure I take them if I forget! I’m constantly in my purse for my phone, and see them. They also have apps for IPhones that are pill reminder apps, not sure if they’re available for android devices or not.

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