Eating Disorder Recovery. Important message to all, and an amazing true story. *reblogged*

If you or someone you know suffers with an Eating Disorder, I strongly recommend reading this amazing post by someone who is recovering from her Eating Disorder, slowly but surely and she’s kicking it’s ass. I’ve been following her on here for quite some time, from what I’ve seen, she’s improving so much and this post just put the cherry on top. I don’t know this girl personally, but props to you and please keep up the awesome work, we’re seriously cheering for you. Please please, go check out her page “Seremdipitous” and please read the post I’m sharing below, definitely worth every second.

“Dear Past Emma: Hi. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your face. Your thin, emaciated, smiling face that was really a facade that you put on for the world to pretend like everything was alright. This picture was taken just after your twentieth birthday, which you celebrated in a horrifically special way: in […]

via A Letter to Myself — seremdipitous