I’ve been off for a while! 

I’m so sorry to everyone that follows my blog! I haven’t been on very much at all lately, a lot has been going on, good and bad!

Since I’m working, I won’t be writing much on this post, it’ll mostly be photos of what’s been going on for the past weeks I haven’t been on!

First things first, we had an amazing double date with our friends. We went to the most amazing ice cream place around here, Livvys! I got a sour apple slush puppy with vanilla Icecream in it:) Nikki got vanilla and chocolate swirl with sprinkles in a waffle cone:)

After ice cream, we all four went to the local Gap around here and I took this picture by the spillway, looking across the water at the Casino.

The next day we finally got to see the puppies that our friends dog had!

The next night Nikki and I went on a little nature hike up one side of a mountain with our friends…found some interesting things!

The view is gorgeous at night but my camera decided to not work too well. The shovel we found? :/

We mourned with our town, and supported Orlando.

We fight together!
I finally got my Hopsin contacts in!!

We hung out with our friends!

We lost power for a whole day due to some amazing storms!

Watched the deer eat their dinner!

Celebrated Fathers Day with my Pops:)

Had a lazy day with Hazel:)

Celebrated Minaj’s 5th birthday with my mom and Nikki!

Got some pictures of some crazy clouds!

Had a nice night with my lady:)

On the way to get some dinner with my lady!

On the way there:)

Wwe ended up going to Red Robin, it was amazing and so worth it. But I was a wreck the whole time eating. I was fine until a party of 25 came in and got sat right by us! It went all down hill from there, I was so anxious we couldn’t enjoy our meal. I felt awful.

On the way home!

Lastly, we had an amazing birthday party for me, since my 22nd birthday is Sunday the 26th!

I’ve written some papers on the LGBT community and the Orlando shooting, I really want to share it with you guys! And I plan on doing so once it’s done being edited by my lady and get all the pictures I need for the post:)

I hope everyone has been alright! I’m back for good now!




  1. Aunt Tabbi · June 25, 2016

    You’ve been missed.

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  2. yourenotaloneinthisworld · June 25, 2016

    Lol that’s funny! Not a lot of water here, mainly just lakes and creeks. Our bridges are over streets lol and are for trains! Lol


  3. ♤ Twinkels ♤ · June 25, 2016

    We have a huge walking bridge in Louisville that they light up at night.
    One time a boat honked there horn at me

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