This Months Random Wants💚

Every Month on Pinterest I post what random buys I would love to get myself! So I figured each month I’ll go ahead and share with you my random wants to buy! 

Water from a stone! I would love this and think it’s such a great idea and how cute is it?! 
Multi Frying Pan! Cook 5-6 different things at once? Yes please! 

USB cookie warmer! Warms up your coffee or hot tea! Would be perfect for them early mornings at work, since I work from home! 
Crochet Mermaid Blanket! Ah it’s $180 on regular sites but I think I could easily find it on etsy or somewhere else cheaper! 
Legs that raise your bed higher off the ground and comes with two regular three prong plugs and a USB plug! 

Beautiful resin rings! Gorgeous! Found on Pinterest but looking on etsy and other similar sites for them! 
Elephant pendant, with sea glass in middle. Each item purchased, a percentage goes to helping elephants, not sure if the elepheants will ever actually see the money or receive the help, but I would love to do this. 

Ah gorgeous healing stones with Hamsa and spiritual (besides the pot leaf) necklaces! Would love to buy or start making these! 

Found on Etsy, would love to get this

Skull icecube maker! 
These are my random wants for July!! 




  1. Not the Average Mama · July 2, 2016

    I need that mermaid blanket! 😍

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