So much pain💉

Having anxiety can cause so much more pain that you’d expect, even if it’s not anxiety related! Due to my anxiety, I ignore going to doctors, dentist, etc. As a kid, I had braces, so when my mom started to notice my teeth moving, she made me a dentist appointment a few days ago, I went. I went to find out I need two fillings, a root canal, and a crown put on my tooth. The filling wasn’t bad, I can handle needles pretty well, that wasn’t the problem. Then he started to drill to a whole through my tooth for my “partial crown”, that didn’t hurt (I was heavly drugged). He said “if it hurts and throbs, you’ll need a root canal, if not, we’ll see you back in July 19th for your real crown”. 

Today’s day 3, and I’m throbbing. I woke up in tears because how bad my effing face hurts. 🍹Cold drinks make me want to cry, 🚬cigarette smoke makes me want to cry, 🍔eating makes me want to cry, and now waking up is miserable😱😰. 

I’m taking Advil liquid gels like candy💊, nothing is working. My mom called the dentist today to see if they could get me some pain killers. 

If your suffer with bad anxiety, and you’re like me with ignoring doctors/dentist. 

Please, take some Ativan/Anxiety meds and go!!! This is not worth the effing pain, I feel awful☠! 

Time for work:( Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Weekend! 




  1. annebella & kate · July 5, 2016

    I suffer with anxiety and avoid all Dr. and Dentist appts. I make the appts then usually cancel at the last minute due to my acute anxiety. I’m sorry you are suffering, hope you are on the mend soon!

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  2. makingtimeforme · July 3, 2016

    I’m sorry about your tooth. Hope you get relief soon!


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