Big News! 🐱🐱🐱

For the past few weeks, Nikki (my fiancé) and I have been hearing a lot of meows coming from the house. We searched everywhere, behind the shed, in the shed, around the house, everywhere! 

Finally last night we kept hearing the meowing and something 💡 in my head, to listen to the vents. I could hear meowing perfectly. We ran to our basement (where our door opens and shuts with the wind) and found two baby kittens in the dark in the corner. 

Due to our dogs animal aggression, we can have any animals in the house. But we have a nice screened in porch, and made them an amazing home. Went and got flea medicine, worm medicine, ear medicine, liter, food, and some toys. 

Meet our new babies! 

Here’s mine: I named her Joplin! 

Here’s Nikkis: She named hers Jinx! 

We couldn’t take these kitties to the shelter, our shelters are over filling with kittens/cats that never find homes. 

Look at them cuddling:) 

We’re thinking they’re 8-9 weeks old because we have them eating dry food with a little bit of wet food mixed in. 

Now we have a family of 5:) 

Our baby Hazel

Baby Joplin  baby Jinx:) 
And me and my baby Nichole:) 

A house of 5 girls, oh lordie lol. 




  1. Aunt Tabbi · July 8, 2016

    Oh how super precious. Jinx looks like my cat “Willie” when he was a baby. Now he’s all grown up and not nearly as cute. lol

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