Writing Blogging Challenge: Day 7. 

I didn’t do day 6 yesterday, so catching up and doing both today! 🙂 

Day 7: What is your Dream Job, and why? I would love to go back to college and become a special education teacher. It’s been my dream since before I graduated high school. I was in a program while in high school, that was made up of students wanting to help and learn more about special education classes. We would sit in, and even help teach some of the classes; and I loved it. I knew from that day, that’s what I was meant to do. Seeing a smile on their face after you teach them something so simple, the love they give to each child and teacher in their class. When I would walk into school, you could feel the drama, see the children being picked on, see the bullies being bullies, seeing teachers that hate their job and the kids they taught. But then you’d go into the special education rooms, you’d see smiles, love spilling from each student in that room, teachers happy to be there, happy to help them, no one making fun of anyone, just pure innocence and love. If you are a special education teacher, you make a difference wether you think you do or not!! These classes I helped with was in 2010, I was a sophomore in highschool, the students that I helped where 21 year old seniors. Still to this day, when they see me in public, I hear Ms.Cyerra!!! And get a big hug. I loved feeling like I made an impact on someone’s life, but most importantly they made one on mine. 



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  1. annebella & kate · July 14, 2016

    I hope you do get to go back to college to pursue your dreams; sounds like an amazing position to be able to make a huge difference!

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