Blogging Writting Challenge: Day 10! 

Day Ten: “Describe your most embarrassing moment”. 
Hmm, I’ve had a lot, well honestly, who hasn’t? If I was to pick out of all the embarrassing moments in my life, I would have to go with being bullied in highschool. 

Being bullied is never easy, especially at a catholic school that your whole class consist of 30 some kids, and you’re the one they decide to gang up on. I didn’t make it much easier for myself, once you show one bully how easy it is to hurt you and get you down, you instantly become a “target” to all bullies. 

Sad to say, I ended up having to leave the school I attended from Kindergarten-Freshman Year due to being bullied and teachers really not giving a shit. 

Everyday my Freshman year was an embarrassment. I knew this when I woke up, causing me to have anxiety to go to school each day. Having a mental health issue is hard enough, but school is somewhere you should feel “safe”, like home. Hell, kids spend half of their life in their schools, it’s hell when everyone there likes to see you down. 

Once I started my sophomore year at a new school, it was alright, I had some friends, I was no longer a “target”. Once the word got around that I left my school for being bullied, things went from ok to damn, I fucked up again. My new school was one of the biggest public schools we have here in our little town. My class alone had almost 300 kids in it, it was definitely a culture shock at first. The thing that helped, I had friends that stood up for me, but they weren’t there 24/7 in classes, in hallways, in bathrooms, etc. The bullying continued. 

I again, switched schools but this time it was because the public school said “you’re not welcome back” due to missing so much school while being in a psych ward for a suicide attempt. 

My Junior and Senior year I spent at a Christian Academy, my class now consisted of 15 students, 14 girls, 1 boy. This school was beyond religious. If you used birth control, immediately kicked out, if you’re gay, immediately kicked out, etc. This made going to school very difficult because in my previous  school, I was openly “out” to my closest friends, but here, I had to be someone I was not. But at this school, none of them ever experienced a “public school”, they feared me. I was the one that people thought “fought my battles”, they had no idea how badly I was bullied, I liked it. I hated the school, but I got through it!! 

Bullying never gets easier , if I could go back and tell myself one thing it would be, “take a fucking stand, they’ll back down!!”. 

I’ll never send my child to Private School. I understand you see a huge price tag on tuition and think “wow must be an amazing school”, no no this is so wrong for around here. My child will go to a public school and also be able to choose their own religion, not have one forced upon them. 

I’m who I am today, 22 engaged to a beautiful woman and proud to be me.  Because of the bullying, I’m stronger, I’m better than that, I just wish I understood all that then. 



  1. annebella & kate · July 18, 2016

    P.S. Glad you are healing and are stronger for it though 😉

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  2. annebella & kate · July 18, 2016

    Oh gosh, that’s awful. I’m so sorry to read this. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could know ALL that we know now – back then? Why do we have to learn everything the hard way? GAH! I’m sorry hon, there is no place for bullies or bullying. It’s B.S. Pure B.S. plain and simple. The private schooling sounds like it was pure hell.


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