July TV Show Challenge! 

So I saw this over at Making Time For Me and figured I’d go ahead and jump in on the challenge! 

Here’s the list of what everyone who’s doing this challenge is going off of. 

Since I’m behind, I’ll start with day one!! 

Favorite TV Show: 

My All Time Favorite? 

I couldn’t choose between 2!! 

  1. Would  definitely have to be            “Z-nation”! I’m currently waiting for the other season to be released on Netflix but I am in love with this show. Doc has gotta be my favorite character on the show, he reminds me a lot of my personality, lol.
  2. And “Once Upon A Time”. Ah hands down I’m seriously addicted to this show. I’m NOT into Disney Movies nor Fairy Tales so when everyone was like “omg “Once Upon A Time” is so amazing” I was like “blehhh shush it”. Oh my, was I wrong or was I wrong?! This show is seriously not what you’re thinking. I’m currently waiting for season 6 which comes out in September 2016, so excited! My favorite character is definitely Zelena or Hook! 

Currently Watching Favorite Show: 

  • Definitley “WentWorth“. It’s getting too good to even discuss on here!!! No spoil alerts! I’m almost done season 3! Favorite character is definitely Doreen, Boomer and Fletcher. 

Hope it’s aright I join in on the challenge!! Trying to get back into blogging more, been hectic with work, and actually doing things!