July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 2! 

Favorite Season of Favorite Show! 

Definitely going with Season 5 of “Once Upon A Time” as my favorite season for this show. It was hands down the best season they had, every episode had me like “ahhhhh!!!”  
They bring in some amazing badass characters that play their part, so freakin good it’s ridiculous! 

In the beginning of Season 1-2, Rumple was my favorite, so seeing Swan become Dark Swan, was awesome!! She plays evil, so much better than playing good. 


For my Second Favorite TV Show: Z-Nation. I’m gonna have to go with Season 2, even though that’s all they have so far! Season 3 is supposedly coming this Fall 2016. 

The team becomes badass in finding Murphy to his “rightful place”. (Don’t wanna say to much) 

Murphy becomes, ridiculous! 

#absolutley no spoilers here for ZNation. Honestly because, not a lot of people have seen this show…and that’s crazy to me. I’m not a fan of “The Walking Dead” but this show has definitely taken the cake for my zombie fix!