Writting Blogging Challenge day 8! 

Day 9: List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how. 

  1. My mom: to be a better person, no matter what. 
  2. My Fiancé, Nichole. To always believe in myself and that I’m worth so much more than I give myself credit for. 
  3. My dad: to be a good parent. I’ll definitely be at the river or creek with my kid on the weekends, teaching them how to fish, just like he did for me. 
  4. My Grandfather: to always try my hardest and even when I fail, to know I mean something to him. 
  5. My Grandma, to not judge others and accept people for the way they are. She accepted me and my fiancé, even though she was a very big follower of Christ. She welcomed Nikki into our family with open arms. 
  6. My Bullies in highschool, influenced me to always look on the bright side, there’s a reason they act the way they act. 
  7. My Dog: to love others no matter how they are. 
  8. My Voices: (not really a person, but real to me), that I’m strong, even at my weakest point. 
  9. My Neices and Nephews: to always be there, no matter what. To never give up on someone or something. 

I seriously could only think of this many.