July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 4 (late) 

Day 4: Favorite Animated Show! 


Hands down first one, “Family Guy“. 

Peter and Louis are definitely my favorite Animated Couple😂😂. They make me geek way too much when I watch it. I don’t care how old I get, I’ll always watch Family Guy. 

Most people love Stewie the most, I personally don’t. Lol. I love his humor but that’s about it. I miss the old “take over the world” Stewie that was in the original Family Guys. 

Peter is definitely my favorite character on the show. Only because of his humor, and “not giving a fuck” attitude about literally everything. 


Secondly, “South Park”. The main reason I love this show is because the makers really don’t care who/what they make fun of. It’d be different if they only made fun of one thing, but it’s everything they make fun of. Mainly things that people now a days are too afraid to discuss or very touchy subjects, they just don’t care. My kind of humor, to a t. 

I don’t have a favorite character on the show, but did I mention their Denver Bronco fans as well? Lol. 

I personally can’t freaking stand “Kanye West”, and obviously neither can the makers of South Park because their constantly having him make an appearance on the show, totally calling him out on every dumbass thing he’s said/done. 

Over and out:)