July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 5! 

Day 5: Favorite Character: 
Ah this is hard, but imma go with a few different people! 

Boomer!!! Aka Booms!! Her personality on “WentWorth” is perfect, and hilarious. She’s hands down definitely my favorite character on the show we just finished watching. 

Eleven, aka L. From Stranger Things. Just added to Netflix and it’s amazing! She’s definitely my favorite character on this new show because she’s bad freakin ass and she’s just a little kid. No spoilers, gonna have to watch it. 

Tasty!! From “Orange is The New Black”. Ahhhh I love Tasty! She’s the best person on the whole show, her personality is amazing. She’s freaking hysterical, makes me laugh more than anyone on the show. I even cried the last episode when Pousse died, Tasty just killed my emotions! 

Zelena from “Once Upon A Time”. If you’re not all caught up with this show you’re probably like Wtf evil person! But I promise, just keep watching!!! 

Sun from “Sense 8″. I love women characters that are the most badass on the show. And Sun is it on Sense 8. One of my favorite shows on Netflix and season 2 doesn’t even have a release date yet:/ pretty sure the show got canceled.