Yesterday and Today! 

Last Night was pretty awesome, went up to the highest mountain we have around here and took some pics and did some rock climbing! the wind got pretty intense lol. 

Kylie and Kalyn. 

Kylie and Kalyn. 

Me and Nikki:) 

Me and Nikki again:) 

The town, so far down!! 

We was as high as the cellphone towers! 

Side of the mountain:) 

The moon seemed so close! 

The towns again. 

Some of the graffiti amazed me, like how?! 

First time we went here 4 years ago, we took a pic like this lol. 

Here you can see the platform where you’re supposed to stand. 

Out on the rocks, the moon was so pretty.

Literally was so close! 

Today: Art. 

Back ground? Complete! 

Praxtice before the real thing!