July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 10! 

Day 10:  Fav show from the 90’s. 
Okay there’s gonna be a few on here that I was obsessed with! 

These are the top shows I made sure I never messed an episode when I was younger lol. 

All That” is definitely Number One! I seriously was IN LOVE with this show when I was a kid. 

“Boy Meets World”. Was definitely my second favorite. I would rush to the TV to make sure I didn’t miss it. 
Hey Arnold!” I loved this show! I always wanted my bedroom to be just like Arnold’s, lol. I can still hear the beginning of this show when I think about it lol! 

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Never missed an episode, always came on late at night, and watched it till I fell asleep”. 
Family Matters” I freakin loved this show. “Did I do that?!” 

The Amanda Show”! Still can’t believe how old this show is:( 

DragonTales” last but not least, DragonTales. I watched this every morning before school! 


What was your favorite show to watch in the 90s?