July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 9! 

Again, sorry for blowing up your news feed, trying to catch up!! 

Day 9: Most Hated TV Show! 


I hated Seinfeild with a passion, the moment I heard the beginning of the show, I’d be like ahhhhh mom change the channel!! My dad loved it when I was a kid, I remember even crying for him to change it at times. 


Key & Peele” show. I can’t stand this show, like at all. They have maybe on skit that I’ve been able to giggle at, I just don’t find them funny, like at all. 

In order for me to be able to say I enjoy a show, I have to be able to laugh at it. And this is a comedy show for Christ Sakes! My humor is just off from theirs I guess. 

Sorry if these are any of your favorite shows!

What’s your most hated show?