July TV Photo Challenge: Day 

So I decided I’m never going to catch up on this challenge, so I’m going to go ahead and jump to today’s date! Friday, July 22nd! 
Day 22: Favorite “CatchPhrase”. 

So I went ahead and googled top favorite catch phrases. I picked out of all 60, my favorite ones from TV shows that I watched and can remember these being a “big thing”. 

  1. Cut It Out!” By Uncle Joey on “Full House”. I can remember the little hand gesture he would do whenever saying it as well! ✂️👈👍(throwing back thumb) lol. 
  2. Did I Do That?” By Steve Urkle on “Family Matters” . Urkle was my favorite part about this whole show, I remember him making me laugh a lot when I was younger. They picked the perfect person to play his role. 
  3. Oh my God, they killed Kenny“. By Stan and Kyle on “South Park”. I really like South Park, and this is said in almost every episode, if not every episode lol. Some of the ways they kill off Kenny on whatever episode is hysterical. 
  4. Bazinga! By Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. I hardly ever watch this show due to the fact that my fiancé hates it, but when she’s at work or asleep and it’s on, I’ll watch it. Sheldon is hands down my favorite on the show just because he’s so honest with everyone.