Anniversary Date<3

Nichole and I will be together for 4 year anniversary on July 26th, so we celebrated today since we both had the day off! 

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, and then ate at Popeyes:) 

I hate what zoos are, but a lot of these animals were rescued and they’re bringing them back into the wild eventually. I just loved going and seeing animals from all over the world that I’ve never seen up close before! 

I took a lot of photos: 

Pink Flamingos! 

Black Rhinos! 

Lions! Turtle:) momma leopard with her baby:)  the Elephant exhibit was hands down my favorite part besides the aquarium! Entering the Monkey Exhibit! The Lemurs, they are too cute

They were tired I guess lol. 

Orangutan eatin his supper:)   

The Gorillas made me so sad:( they looked so tired and hot! Giraffe and Zebras! Entering the underwater aquarium! They followed us for so long! I’d love to catch that catfish on the end of my pole one day!!! Stingray saying heller!! 

Pufferfish! Awesome Jelly Fish! 




  1. annebella & kate · July 25, 2016

    Happy Anniversary! Your trip to the zoo looks like fun and you took amazing pics too!

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  2. makingtimeforme · July 23, 2016

    Happy Anniversary!

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