July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 23! 

Day 23: Facorite Actor Who Seems To Be In Everything. 
For this one, I’m not sure of many actors and actresses by name, just a few. So I’m gonna go ahead and just do my list of favorite all time actors! 

First: Seth Rogan

For some reason, I think Seth Rogan plays the best characters in movies. He cracks me up in almost every movie I’ve seen him in. His sense of humor has to be amazing! 

My Favorite  Movies With Seth Rogan: 

Number one hands down, “Pineapple Express”. This movie even makes my top 3 favorite movies. 

Number two, “Knocked Up”. He’s the perfect person for the role they picked him to play and he nailed it! Like always! 

Secondly, Jonah Hill. 

Again, another Actor who can make me crack up! Every movie he’s been in, I’ve enjoyed and got a kick out of his character he played. 

My favorite movies with Jonah Hill: 

The Fourty Year Old Virgin”, he plays a very small role but still, just his lines are too funny in every movie. “Super Bad”, another one of my favorite movies. I use to watch this movie on repeat, they seriously couldn’t of picked a better actor to play his part. “This is The End”, a freakin hysterical movie with both Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan, together their amazing! This has to be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen a while. 

Third, Rob Shneider. 

He is the funniest character in almost every Adam Sandler movie. He is my favorite character on almost every Adam Sandler movie lol. He always plays the goofiest and most awkward roles and kills it! 

Who’s your favorite actor? 



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  1. makingtimeforme · July 23, 2016

    Love Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill 😊


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