Writing/Blogging Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: What are your 5 hobbies and why do you love them? 

  1. Drawing, because it helps me concentrate and relieves a lot of stress that builds up. An escape route for me.  
  2. Video Games, also an escape route from reality for a little while. Also, when you’re actually good at something, it’s nice. Also relieves a lot of anger, depending on game. 
  3. Typing, I ‘m really good at typing and actually enjoy it lol. I prefer a computer over cellphone anyday, just not the same thing. 
  4. Crafts, another escape route for me that I enjoy. It really can be any craft and I’m up for the challenge. When the finish product looks good, I feel good about myself! 
  5. Being a fiancé and dog mom, not really a hobby but something I enjoy very much. I can’t wait to be a mom to Nichole’s kid, one day, when we’re ready! Makes me feel really good knowing I have a lady to hug and love me whenever it’s needed, and little surprises. Also feels good to know I’ve raised this beautiful dog with her for 4 years now and she’s turned into an amazing rescue baby! She is our child lol. 

What are your favorite hobbies? 


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  1. annebella & kate · July 25, 2016

    Great hobbies! Mine are drawing, crafting, walking my dogs (spending time with my pups), etc….

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