July TV Show Challenge: Catchup Days! days 24-30. 

If you’ve read my previous post than you know that I’ve had some unfortunate events happen this week that kept me from doing my new weekly go along for my blog. I’m sorry again but starting today it’s back on!! 

So I’m catching up with my July TV Show Challenge! 

Day 24: Favorite TV Villain/Bad Guy. 

Hands down, Rumplestilksin from “Once Upon A Time”. Ive loved this show since the first season and can’t wait for the new season to be coming out this September. Rumple was my favorite starting in Season 2, of course he does some questionable things, but who doesn’t in life, right? 

I feel Rumple is my favorite because he was once a coward that got bullied and picked on, until he himself became the Dark One. Giving him as much power as a person could contain, he turned evil and got the revenge that the real Rumple could have never gotten. I understand how power and control could go to someone’s head who has once been bullied and put down about their life. 

Who’s your favorite villain/bad guy? 

Day 25: Favorite TV COP: I don’t have any favorite Cop, but I do enjoy watching Cop related TV shows, my top favorite two to watch are, 

Number one, most definitely “Alaska State Troopers” from the “National Geographic Channel”. I’d love to live in Alaska one day, and this show just made me want to even more. There’s still crime in Alaska, just like there is everywhere else in the world, but I love how most of the cops are so scared to trespass on others property. I love how they treat their wildlife that they find hurt or dead, no meat goes to waste in Alaska. 

Secondly, “COPS”, but my favorite addition is “Cops Caught In Action“. I get a kick out of the officers running and screaming “GET ON THE GROUND”, “STOP RESISITING” before they even tackle somebody. Also get a kick out of some of the people on the show that get caught doing some crazy ass shit. 

What’s your favorite cop show? 

Day 26: Favorite Sci-Fi Show? 

Unsealed Alien Files”. I’m obsessed with this show ever since I first seen an episode of it. I’m a huge believer in aliens, which you should know by now lol. This show just interest me more than any show out there, I feel it’s truth. 

“Unsealed: Alien Files investigates released documents regarding alien and UFO encounters, made accessible to the public in 2011 by the Freedom of Information Act. Each episode examines alien cases such as mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups and alien news from around the world.” -Wikipedia. 

Day 27: Best Special Effects. It’s probably really original but I’m going with all the “Harry Potter” movies. I know I know this is a TV challenge but I seriously couldn’t think of a tv show that I can remember “wowing” with special effects. I didn’t want to do a zombie tv show either. Examples of what I mean about Harry Potter being the best at special effects; 

Simple the magic! 

The Quidditch Matches.  

Even people, known characters so well done up. The mermaids that Harry has to battle, the book that looked like a spider. 

Again, the magic! 

Well known and loved chapters like Dobby, all special effects! 

What’s your favorite special effects tv show or movie? 

Day 28:Favorite Season Finale. 

Season 5 Season Finale of “Once Upon A Time”. It leaves off with Regina and “The Evil Queen” going to battle against each other for Season 6. Will Regina beat evil and have good again in her heart? Or will Evil win and take over Regina (the mayor)? 

Day 29; Worst Finale Cliffhanger? The last season I watched of “Scream“. I love this show and quickly finished it on Netflix. I think it was a bad finale cliffhanger because I’m dying to know what happened, but at the episode finale I finished (on Netflix, not caught up via tv), shit just hit the fan. I think it ended badly, could of went better, but I know there is another season, no need to panic! Lol. 

Day 30: Saddest Character Death: “The Black Canary” from “The Arrow“. 

finally all caught up with the challenge! 

Let me know if you have suggestions or comments about any of these shows! 


Hope everyone is having an ok day!