Saturday Me Day. 

Since I didn’t get to do my post for Friday, I’ll do that one here! 

So, Friday Pin Points! “What I did this week, pictures if I have any, how I’m doing mentally, how my blog is doing, etc.” 

I didn’t do too much this week but I actually did do a few things! 

I’ll share the pictures I have of this week on my phone! 

Nikki and I helped our friends move into their first apartment together! It was actually a very big anxiety test for me. They moved into a big complex building where a lot of people share the same hallways, I passed a lot of strangers and instantly got nervous. I ended up staying in the apartment putting away groceries while Nikki and our friend Ky got all the other stuff! 

Found out that my cousin who’s the mommy to this beautiful little boy, is having another little boy! He’s due December 2016, we’re really excited for her

The deer that live up in the back yard had a baby! She has two now following her around in the yard ever morning and late evening. Our neighbor has an apple tree so their constantly over there getting some apples. We sit and watch them play catch and all with the apples, they really aren’t use to people but don’t run when you keep your distance, you can get a good photo! This little one still had his/her spots:) ​

​Played “Pokemon Go” downtown. Nikkis cousin Jess was there, that’s what we’re yelling lol. We couldn’t get over how many people where actually sitting around late as shit just playing this game! Our town is tiny, so 50/60 people hanging out in one spot is like woah! 

Got a new candle, hasn’t released yet but it’s amazing. “Pumpkin French Toast”, from Bath and Body. When their fall collection comes out, I highly recommend trying this one, if you’re a candle free like me! I love the 3 wick candles from Bath & Body. They’re a little pricey at $22.50 but you can usually get a good deal when buying more than one, and they last so long!

Caught two new Pokemons in Hagerstown when I went to my doctors appointment for my medicine to be changed, again! Will talk more on my mental health update. 

Nikki kidnapped my snapchat and left me some cute snaps:) She always knows how to cheer me up on my bad days:) 

Had Jynx and Joplin inside for their inside playtime. They’re in love with boxes! Jynx is first picture(Nikkis), Joplin (mine) is second! 

Had the best 4 year anniversary with Nikki:) Had dinner at her moms since we did dinner together for our anniversary days before in Pittsburgh! Then came home and spent the night Netflix and cuddles:) 

Saw some cool looks moths outside our friend Verns house. She’s technically Nikkis cousins but she’s more of a friend as well since we’re all around each other’s age. ​

MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: I’ve been doing pretty off, my voices have been pretty loud these past few weeks. My anxiety is doing amazing, but that’s all. My schizophrenia isn’t getting worse just getting louder, like before I got put onto Saphris in 2012. I went to my doctor about it and he upped my dosage to a pretty good amount, hopefully this helps. I need to keep working on “taking my pill same time, every day same time!!”. The paranoia is just as high, not anxiety paranoia but voices/visuals paranoia. 

Blog Info: yourenotaloneinthisworld has been booming this week with highly hourly views, 10 new followers, and a lot of likes! I also have a challenge to do that was nominated by Making Time For Me. Will post that for my next Saturday Me Time Next Post while I’m working:)

Hope your week went good! If not, keep your head high! 



  1. atkokosplace · July 31, 2016

    Love the deer. We too have a few that roam our property. I love when they come back again and again. Watching them grow and then bringing their babies! It’s so neat to see! Pumpkin French Toast candle sounds like it’d smell delightful! Jynix and Joplin are adorable. Happy anniversary! Aren’t moths beautiful!? Have a lovely rest of your weekend! Koko:)

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