Tuesday Art Share! 

So I really thought this posted but turns out it was put into drafts:/!

 Anyway, these are my drawings I’ve done of the past few months/year. To share just a few of my favorites and not so favorites. 

The mandala partially finished in this pic, I ended up going black for the whole middle circle.

Practicing lip drawings. 

Drawings I’ve done in the past year: 

Doodle doodle! 

Alien Doodle👽. 

Practicing my cartoon eyes. 

Nichole (my fiancé). 

Feather Doodle. 

Hair practice. 

Cartoon Wolf Doodle. 

A definition of Schizophrenia in a drawing. 

A cartoon I was writing “The Animals After”. 

All drawings/doodles done by me, C over at yourenotaloneinthisworld! 

Again, I’m sorry this is days late. Some unfortunate events came up this week! 



  1. Aunt Tabbi · July 31, 2016

    Cool stuff

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