Saw this on my notifications today and wow, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging now for a whole year! This is awesome, and wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for my councilor, who inspired me to join WordPress and start blogging about my mental health issues. 
Blogging has helped me so incredibly much over the past year, it’s insane. I’ve done so much this past year that I can say I’m honestly proud of myself! With social anxiety, this has really helped me open up and be myself, even if it’s for my own health reasons, it’s helped a lot! 

Thanks to everyone who’s been sticking with my blog since day 1! 

A special thanks to Stephanie over at Making Time For Me. She’s definitely one of my favorite blogs to read, and has been a follower since day one of my blog! She still continues to comment back and forth about many things including mental health, blogging tips, and simple hellos! Thanks Stephanie!! 


Writing/Blogging Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: What are your 5 hobbies and why do you love them? 

  1. Drawing, because it helps me concentrate and relieves a lot of stress that builds up. An escape route for me.  
  2. Video Games, also an escape route from reality for a little while. Also, when you’re actually good at something, it’s nice. Also relieves a lot of anger, depending on game. 
  3. Typing, I ‘m really good at typing and actually enjoy it lol. I prefer a computer over cellphone anyday, just not the same thing. 
  4. Crafts, another escape route for me that I enjoy. It really can be any craft and I’m up for the challenge. When the finish product looks good, I feel good about myself! 
  5. Being a fiancé and dog mom, not really a hobby but something I enjoy very much. I can’t wait to be a mom to Nichole’s kid, one day, when we’re ready! Makes me feel really good knowing I have a lady to hug and love me whenever it’s needed, and little surprises. Also feels good to know I’ve raised this beautiful dog with her for 4 years now and she’s turned into an amazing rescue baby! She is our child lol. 

What are your favorite hobbies? 


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 23! 

Day 23: Facorite Actor Who Seems To Be In Everything. 
For this one, I’m not sure of many actors and actresses by name, just a few. So I’m gonna go ahead and just do my list of favorite all time actors! 

First: Seth Rogan

For some reason, I think Seth Rogan plays the best characters in movies. He cracks me up in almost every movie I’ve seen him in. His sense of humor has to be amazing! 

My Favorite  Movies With Seth Rogan: 

Number one hands down, “Pineapple Express”. This movie even makes my top 3 favorite movies. 

Number two, “Knocked Up”. He’s the perfect person for the role they picked him to play and he nailed it! Like always! 

Secondly, Jonah Hill. 

Again, another Actor who can make me crack up! Every movie he’s been in, I’ve enjoyed and got a kick out of his character he played. 

My favorite movies with Jonah Hill: 

The Fourty Year Old Virgin”, he plays a very small role but still, just his lines are too funny in every movie. “Super Bad”, another one of my favorite movies. I use to watch this movie on repeat, they seriously couldn’t of picked a better actor to play his part. “This is The End”, a freakin hysterical movie with both Jonah Hill and Seth Rogan, together their amazing! This has to be one of the funniest movies I’ve seen a while. 

Third, Rob Shneider. 

He is the funniest character in almost every Adam Sandler movie. He is my favorite character on almost every Adam Sandler movie lol. He always plays the goofiest and most awkward roles and kills it! 

Who’s your favorite actor? 


Weekly Blog Update

      So I’ve been trying to think of ways to start blogging more and keeping upwith writing   and other activities. I went ahead and made up a “weekly blog idea” chart and this is what I’ve decided to go ahead and go with! 

Monday’s: Will be dedicated to sharing inspirational post from other bloggers and posting some from my page as well. 

Leave a link in the comments if you share inspirational quotes of your own that you’d like me to keep an eye out for! 

Tuesday’s: Is my drawing day, I’ll share what drawings I’ve done in the past few days with you. Also, share some artwork post from other bloggers and online sites! 

Comment a link to your page if your a fellow artist and don’t mind me sharing your work from your wordpress page! 

Wednesday: Humpday, I’m going to post a “weekly intake” of how my week is going so far, pictures if any were taken in the past few days, and also how I’m doing “mentally”. 

Thursday: Will be for challenges (created myself or tagged into), etc. 
Leave a link below if you creat challenges daily/weekly/monthly that you’d like me to watch for to share and let others know about your challenge! 

Friday: Will be a weekly recap of everything that I’ve done in the past week, pictures if any, how I’m doing mentally, how the week went overall, etc. 

Weekends: Me time. Free to post anything that I’m feeling, quotes, challenges, etc. 

Anniversary Date<3

Nichole and I will be together for 4 year anniversary on July 26th, so we celebrated today since we both had the day off! 

We went to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, and then ate at Popeyes:) 

I hate what zoos are, but a lot of these animals were rescued and they’re bringing them back into the wild eventually. I just loved going and seeing animals from all over the world that I’ve never seen up close before! 

I took a lot of photos: 

Pink Flamingos! 

Black Rhinos! 

Lions! Turtle:) momma leopard with her baby:)  the Elephant exhibit was hands down my favorite part besides the aquarium! Entering the Monkey Exhibit! The Lemurs, they are too cute

They were tired I guess lol. 

Orangutan eatin his supper:)   

The Gorillas made me so sad:( they looked so tired and hot! Giraffe and Zebras! Entering the underwater aquarium! They followed us for so long! I’d love to catch that catfish on the end of my pole one day!!! Stingray saying heller!! 

Pufferfish! Awesome Jelly Fish! 



July TV Photo Challenge: Day 

So I decided I’m never going to catch up on this challenge, so I’m going to go ahead and jump to today’s date! Friday, July 22nd! 
Day 22: Favorite “CatchPhrase”. 

So I went ahead and googled top favorite catch phrases. I picked out of all 60, my favorite ones from TV shows that I watched and can remember these being a “big thing”. 

  1. Cut It Out!” By Uncle Joey on “Full House”. I can remember the little hand gesture he would do whenever saying it as well! ✂️👈👍(throwing back thumb) lol. 
  2. Did I Do That?” By Steve Urkle on “Family Matters” . Urkle was my favorite part about this whole show, I remember him making me laugh a lot when I was younger. They picked the perfect person to play his role. 
  3. Oh my God, they killed Kenny“. By Stan and Kyle on “South Park”. I really like South Park, and this is said in almost every episode, if not every episode lol. Some of the ways they kill off Kenny on whatever episode is hysterical. 
  4. Bazinga! By Sheldon on “The Big Bang Theory”. I hardly ever watch this show due to the fact that my fiancé hates it, but when she’s at work or asleep and it’s on, I’ll watch it. Sheldon is hands down my favorite on the show just because he’s so honest with everyone. 


Writting:Blogging Challenge: Day 15

Day 15; If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
I’d say either a frog or a turtle. I have a big heart when it comes to both of these little things:) I think I’d rather be a turtle, having a shell (my home) always on my back, no matter were I go. I could always pop my head inside and escape reality for a little bit. I wouldn’t be the fastest thing on the planet, but that’s okay, I’m a “go with the flow” kind of person anyway. 

So definitely I’m gonna say Turtle🐢


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 10! 

Day 10:  Fav show from the 90’s. 
Okay there’s gonna be a few on here that I was obsessed with! 

These are the top shows I made sure I never messed an episode when I was younger lol. 

All That” is definitely Number One! I seriously was IN LOVE with this show when I was a kid. 

“Boy Meets World”. Was definitely my second favorite. I would rush to the TV to make sure I didn’t miss it. 
Hey Arnold!” I loved this show! I always wanted my bedroom to be just like Arnold’s, lol. I can still hear the beginning of this show when I think about it lol! 

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Never missed an episode, always came on late at night, and watched it till I fell asleep”. 
Family Matters” I freakin loved this show. “Did I do that?!” 

The Amanda Show”! Still can’t believe how old this show is:( 

DragonTales” last but not least, DragonTales. I watched this every morning before school! 


What was your favorite show to watch in the 90s? 


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 9! 

Again, sorry for blowing up your news feed, trying to catch up!! 

Day 9: Most Hated TV Show! 


I hated Seinfeild with a passion, the moment I heard the beginning of the show, I’d be like ahhhhh mom change the channel!! My dad loved it when I was a kid, I remember even crying for him to change it at times. 


Key & Peele” show. I can’t stand this show, like at all. They have maybe on skit that I’ve been able to giggle at, I just don’t find them funny, like at all. 

In order for me to be able to say I enjoy a show, I have to be able to laugh at it. And this is a comedy show for Christ Sakes! My humor is just off from theirs I guess. 

Sorry if these are any of your favorite shows!

What’s your most hated show? 


July TV Show Photo Challenge! Day 8! 

I’m really trying to catch up!! 

Day 8: TV Best Friend: 

I don’t really understand this one, but imma do which best friends I thought where amazing! 

DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler from”Full House”  Always wanted this kind of friendship! 
They stayed best friends through thick n thin on the show! 

As I got older I always wanted to have the best of friends like Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe from “Friends”