July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 7! 

Day 7: Show from the 80’s. 
Since I was born in the 90’s, I can’t really say I watched this show in the 80’s but it started in 88 so it counts, right? Lol. 

Saved By The Bell”, was probably my favorite “80’s” show that I watched. 
Since it stopped airing in 1993, I only watched reruns but I remember watching it like everyday after school in elementary.


Yesterday and Today! 

Last Night was pretty awesome, went up to the highest mountain we have around here and took some pics and did some rock climbing! the wind got pretty intense lol. 

Kylie and Kalyn. 

Kylie and Kalyn. 

Me and Nikki:) 

Me and Nikki again:) 

The town, so far down!! 

We was as high as the cellphone towers! 

Side of the mountain:) 

The moon seemed so close! 

The towns again. 

Some of the graffiti amazed me, like how?! 

First time we went here 4 years ago, we took a pic like this lol. 

Here you can see the platform where you’re supposed to stand. 

Out on the rocks, the moon was so pretty.

Literally was so close! 

Today: Art. 

Back ground? Complete! 

Praxtice before the real thing! 


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 5! 

Day 5: Favorite Character: 
Ah this is hard, but imma go with a few different people! 

Boomer!!! Aka Booms!! Her personality on “WentWorth” is perfect, and hilarious. She’s hands down definitely my favorite character on the show we just finished watching. 

Eleven, aka L. From Stranger Things. Just added to Netflix and it’s amazing! She’s definitely my favorite character on this new show because she’s bad freakin ass and she’s just a little kid. No spoilers, gonna have to watch it. 

Tasty!! From “Orange is The New Black”. Ahhhh I love Tasty! She’s the best person on the whole show, her personality is amazing. She’s freaking hysterical, makes me laugh more than anyone on the show. I even cried the last episode when Pousse died, Tasty just killed my emotions! 

Zelena from “Once Upon A Time”. If you’re not all caught up with this show you’re probably like Wtf evil person! But I promise, just keep watching!!! 

Sun from “Sense 8″. I love women characters that are the most badass on the show. And Sun is it on Sense 8. One of my favorite shows on Netflix and season 2 doesn’t even have a release date yet:/ pretty sure the show got canceled. 

July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 4 (late) 

Day 4: Favorite Animated Show! 


Hands down first one, “Family Guy“. 

Peter and Louis are definitely my favorite Animated Couple😂😂. They make me geek way too much when I watch it. I don’t care how old I get, I’ll always watch Family Guy. 

Most people love Stewie the most, I personally don’t. Lol. I love his humor but that’s about it. I miss the old “take over the world” Stewie that was in the original Family Guys. 

Peter is definitely my favorite character on the show. Only because of his humor, and “not giving a fuck” attitude about literally everything. 


Secondly, “South Park”. The main reason I love this show is because the makers really don’t care who/what they make fun of. It’d be different if they only made fun of one thing, but it’s everything they make fun of. Mainly things that people now a days are too afraid to discuss or very touchy subjects, they just don’t care. My kind of humor, to a t. 

I don’t have a favorite character on the show, but did I mention their Denver Bronco fans as well? Lol. 

I personally can’t freaking stand “Kanye West”, and obviously neither can the makers of South Park because their constantly having him make an appearance on the show, totally calling him out on every dumbass thing he’s said/done. 

Over and out:) 


Writing/Blogging Challenge: Day 12! 

Day 12: Describe a typical day in your current life. 
On a weekday: 

  • Wake up. 
  • Kiss my lady.
  • Take meds 
  • Smoke cig. 
  • Feed Hazel, Joplin, and Jynx
  • Brush teeth/Shower
  • Hangout with my lady. 
  • Help with dinner/dishes.
  • Eat dinner. 
  • Watch Netflix with my lady.
  • Play with Hazel, Joplin, and Jynx. 
  • Put Joplin and Jynx to bed. 
  • Hangout with my lady some more. 
  • Bathroom/Brush Teeth.
  • Take meds
  • Meditate.
  • Go to bed.

On a weekend: 

  • Wake up at 6:30
  • Kiss my lady on the forehead (she still sleeping).
  • Smoke cig.
  • Take meds
  • Brush teeth. 
  • Start work by 7:00am. 
  • Let Hazel go potty, feed Jynx and Joplin, etc.
  • Work until 4-5pm. 
  • Have dinner with my lady. 
  • Watch Netflix or go do something (depends on weather). 
  • Play with our fur babies.
  • Brush Teeth/Shower. 
  • Take meds 
  • Meditate
  • Go to bed

Some days are more exciting than these, I promise lol. 


Writing/Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Describe 10 pet peeves you have! 
1) Animal Cruelty (having a dog that lives on a chain)2)People that don’t know how to go the speed limit! 3)Cocky People. 4)Being lectured. 5)Cristisim in any way, can’t stand it. Either to me or it happening to another person. 6)Keeping animals locked up. 7)Parents that blame their children for their mistakes. 8)People that cheat on video games. 9)People that draw attention in crowds. 10)People that constantly correct other people’s grammar. 

Sorry if any of these offend anyone, just my point of views! 
All images found on google images! 


July TV Show Photo Challenge: Day 2! 

Favorite Season of Favorite Show! 

Definitely going with Season 5 of “Once Upon A Time” as my favorite season for this show. It was hands down the best season they had, every episode had me like “ahhhhh!!!”  
They bring in some amazing badass characters that play their part, so freakin good it’s ridiculous! 

In the beginning of Season 1-2, Rumple was my favorite, so seeing Swan become Dark Swan, was awesome!! She plays evil, so much better than playing good. 


For my Second Favorite TV Show: Z-Nation. I’m gonna have to go with Season 2, even though that’s all they have so far! Season 3 is supposedly coming this Fall 2016. 

The team becomes badass in finding Murphy to his “rightful place”. (Don’t wanna say to much) 

Murphy becomes, ridiculous! 

#absolutley no spoilers here for ZNation. Honestly because, not a lot of people have seen this show…and that’s crazy to me. I’m not a fan of “The Walking Dead” but this show has definitely taken the cake for my zombie fix!