What’s Your Morning Look Like? 

Stumbled across this on The Daily Post, and thought I’d go ahead and jump in! This weeks theme, “what your morning looks like”. 

My morning looks pretty shitty! It’s been raining all morning since I got up at 6:30AM. Currently it’s 8:36AM, I’m working today until 3PM. Listening to the rain hit off the roof is really making me want to go curl back into bed with Nikki! 
My current view, work, yay:) lol. 

Hope everyone’s having a good day, if you’re lucky it’s not raining where you’re at! 



  1. ♤ Twinkels ♤ · August 6, 2016

    Nope, total rain for me. We have like a pattern, one month its super sunny with no rain and the next all it does is rain. lol

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