3 quotes, 3 days:) 

Today I’m doing my nominations for this challenge, at the bottom of course:) there’s going to be more than 3 since I skipped nominations yesterday, and more than 3 quotes…just cause more nominations!  Again thanks Stephanie at Making Time For Me for nominating me for this challenge! 

For all the people I challenged: 

You just have to post 3 different quotes, for 3 different days. They can be inspirational, life changing, whatever you’re feeling that day! 

I agree with this quote so much, you must grow in places people thought you never would. Find where your soul is happiest! 
Yesss! If only everyone looked at our lives like this! 
Darkness is all around us, but so is light. We just have to choose which one is for us. 
Yes, very weird…there’s no such thing as “normal”. 

Never, this was never the life we were supposed to be given. 

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Hope everyone has a good Monday!