Wednesday Check-In! 

Well today’s Wednesday, and it’s time for me to do my weekly check-in! How my blogs going so far this week, if I’ve gotten any new followers, how I’m doing mentally, etc! So let’s get this shit started, shall we? 🙂 

I got some new followers this week;

  1. BeautyandBants
  2. Stardust
  3. Atkokosplace

Thank you guys for the follow, can’t wait to see what post you guys will have coming up! 

I met some new blogs that are worth a follow, while looking for Post to share with you guys on Mondays; 

  1. Turning The Paige Blog
  2. It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Tuesday was my best day for views, and likes and visitors! 

Monday was my best day for comments:) 

A new country has been popping up on my country feed, a lot this week! 

Singapore! I’ve never done a lot of research on this country, but omg it’s beautiful! If I had the money I’d love to visit here! So many zoos and safaris!! And the city, wow these pictures are beautiful! 

Mentally: I’ve been doing pretty good. No voices or visuals this week, always a plus. I’ve attempted to give up smoking cigarettes, with the encouragement from Stephanie over at Making Time For Me. Sadly I have to say, I bought another pack. So I’m planning on, when I get down to 2 cigs, stopping and putting my pack up in the closet. I think knowing I have at least 2, will make it easier to quit cold turkey! 

Hope everyone’s having a good Wednesday!