Friday Recap! 

This week has been pretty freakin great! 

My schizophrenia flared up only a handful of times, not really any visual, just a few voices here and there. 

My Anxiety was honestly amazing this week. I only had one little panic episode, that I calmed myself down really fast. I’m getting better with my anxiety ever since getting off of the Ativan and on to another med. 

My problem with medications and doctors, I never speak up for myself. I never spoke up and said “this shit ain’t workin, I need something else”. If only I would have spoken up 2 years ago, who knows what all I could have been doing. I’m getting better at speaking up for myself, well kinda, just not to strangers. 

Cigarette wise, I only smoked 5 cigs yesterday, for me, this is awesome. I’m usually 2 packs a day kind of girl, but yesterday was simply 5! Today I’ve only had 1 so far and it’s after 1pm. I’m slowly doing this! 

Now on to the fun stuff…

We had dinner at Nikkis grandparents house on Sunday, it was amazing!! 
We splurged at our favorite ice cream place before starting our diet! This is a freaking Small! I didn’t eat all of it, nearly impossible. 

Wheat bagel, low fat pb, and banana for breakfast on Tuesday and Today:) 

Got lucky and got a Golduck on Pokemon Go. Yes I play Pokemon Go, I never thought I would until I downloaded it and it’s been getting me out of my house and around other people! 

Cuddles with my Joplin:) 

Lol a video we sent to one of our best friends. It’s in my camera roll, might as well share it! 

Today: go to Dollar General, grab some batteries for the elliptical, some milk, and some water! Then be lazy! 

Hope everyone is having a good day!