Nice Night🌌

I’ve had an amazing night tonight out Nichole:) ​

We went to one of our favorite Sport Bars, which has thee best food! It’s about a 2 hour drive from our house, but definitely worth a drive to VA! We enjoyed a healthy dinner and shared a semi healthy dessert together and watched some of the Olympics before heading home:) 

I just so happened to take a few videos n pictures:) 

My Salad:) Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese crumbles:) 

I couldn’t turn down “Mamas Crab Mac n Cheese”! ​

After dinner we took a picture by the restaurant:) 

We’ve been keeping Jynx and Joplin (our kittens) separate from Hazel (our dog), due to hazels past agressive issues. When we came home to no greet at the door from Hazel, we became a little nervous. 

Then we found this… 

​Hazel and Jynx chillin in the spare room, tail wagging, this is a plus:) 

Now, we’re off to go outside and watch the meteor shower:) I’ll take any picture or videos is they’re clear enough! 


Hope everyone has/had a good day:)