Thursday Challenges; 

No nominations this week, but I’ve stumbled across a few challenges to participate in!

 I will be participating in these EVERY THURSDAY! If you’d like to participate, I’ll nominate a few people, you can join in either way! You can decide wether to do everyday or every Thursday! 

Each challenge was found online on Pinterest! 


City Photography Challenge: 

Rules: Post a picture whenever you’d like of said object for that day! Go in order 1-20. 

Day 1: 

​traffic (lol what our little town calls traffic) while driving downtown to go out to eat! This was before hitting he highway! 

Second Challenge: 

Nature Photography Challenge: 

Same rules as above. 

Day 1: 

Image found on google images for the flower image. 

Let me know if you’ll be participating in this challenge along with me!