Wednesday Check In! 

Wednesday is the day I’ve set aside to go over how I’m doing mentally, how my blog is doing in stats, etc. 

How My Blog Stats Are a Doing This Week: 

  • I’ve gotten a new follower this week! 

  • My busiest day was Tuesday📈
  • My most viewed post was my Monday  Inspirational Blog Share Post! 

How I’m Doing Mentally: 

  • Voices: in the beginning of the week, starting to become more fuzzy then anything, which is good, I prefer fuzzy over loud voices. 
  • Anxiety: has been pretty low this week, had maybe 2 little “episodes” where I found myself saying “it’s okay, everything’s fine”. Once when we went out of town for Nikkis job interview, there was a lot of people standing around my car while I waited for Nikki to get done inside. And secondly when I went into the market the other day with Nikki to grab some dinner, more people than usual. 
  • Not Smoking: I’m failing miserably. I have not bought another pack, but we’ve been hanging out with friends and family lately, I’ve been “bumming” a cig at each one. I honestly do have to admit though, after going only a day without smoking, the cigarette tasted just so eh:/ I’m not giving up, still working on this. 
  • Diet: Doing good, doing really good! Haven’t had soda in 2 weeks now, no sugar in my coffee/tea. 20g or less of fat a day, 8g of sugar a day (hard as hell), and idk the rest, Nikki does that part when making us dinner:) We’ve been eating a lot of chicken dinners with veggies! 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!