Sunday, my week recap. 

Since I missed my Friday Recap, I figured Sunday would work out fine for it:) 

This weeks been alright, nothing too big, nothing too boring either! 

Pictures from this week: 

I’ve officially gotten 305 followers, that’s great! 
Nikki made this awesome recipe and omg the dinner is SO healthy and SO good. We used chicken strips that had no skin from the meat section at the market, used regular chili instead of sweet chili (trying sweet next time) and put pineapple chunks on top, yum! 
See? Looks amazing! Threw some rice underneath and added some green beans to the side. 

Jynx was too cute laying in the window, she was practically begging for her photo to be taken, lol.While watching a YouTube video called “Top Ten Famous People You Didn’t Know We’re Related“, I couldn’t believe that Peyton and Eli Manning are 1st cousins with Taryn Manning from “Orange Is The New Black“. Took a screen shot for Nikki to see! 

Went and visited with my moms family, met my cousins baby for the second time, he’s 9 months now, and she’s currently 21 weeks pregnant with another boy! 
And LAST NIGHT WE CAUGHT A MOTHAFCKIN DRAGONITE! I seriously pulled off the road so fast so we could catch this damn thing, first time seeing him in our area and caught him after the 4th Ultra Ball and 4th raspberry!

My Joplin all stretched out:) taken this morning! 

My New Followers This Week: 

To all my new followers, 

Mental Weekly Check-In: 

Depression: Getting back on my Effexor, for depression. I got taken off of it about a year ago and it probably wasn’t the best decision. Having clinical depression, it wasn’t smart to get off my meds. At the time I felt awesome, but that didn’t mean my depression was “gone”. It’s hitting me back pretty hard, good thing I have an amazing girlfriend who does everything to keep me happy, and family who supports me:) 

Anxiety: this week I had a very awful panic attack, I stopped it before it got too out of hand but it was awful. I was in a comfortable setting at my nieces new house, hanging out with her, her boyfriend and Nikki. Idk what happened to be honest but all of a sudden everything just flipped upside down. I was sweating all over, I couldn’t concentrate for shit, I was shaking all over. I looked down and I was gripping my jeans so hard they looked like they could rip. I immediately jumped up after convincing myself I was gonna throw up, and said “so, have fun, we’ll see you later”. When we got in the car, Nikki said to me, “what happened? That leaving felt very awkward”. I quickly replied, “I’m sorry babe, I was having an awful panic attack and had to leave like now”. She immediately said “it’s fine it’s fine, are you ok? Do you need your meds?” She made me feel so much better just showing she’s really starting to understand. It felt odd apologizing for running out of a family members house, and I’m sure she could tell I was flipping out on the inside, but I had to apologize. She understood completely. 

Schizophrenia: This week hasn’t been too bad. I’ve had voices a little bit, more static than anything. No visuals this week, thank god. I hate voices don’t get me wrong but the visuals really fck with me more than the voices. I would never say I’ve gotten use to the voices, but I’ve been “talking” to them since I was 6/7, they’re never going to be “normal” to me, but they’re not as overwhelming as before. Visuals I don’t have much so when I do see stuff it’s just like “damn, do you see that?” If Nikki or a friend says “um, no?” Then I just say oh okay and freak out on the inside. If I’m home and see something, I’ll tell Nikki, lol. Sometimes it’s kind of funny because I’ll jump or gasp and tell her that someone is in the spare room staring at me and she’s just like um babe it’s your head, but that’s creepy as fck. I get a giggle and just block my view to that room. 

I hope everyone is having a great week!