Where our ancestors laid their heads. 

ThrowBack Tuesday:)

An old post from January that I came across that I forgot all about!

You're not alone in this world.

Technically I am American, born and raised here. My mother and father where also born and raised in America; the only life I know is an American life. Lately I’ve been thinking about the past, not so much my past, but the past of my family. In my 21 years of living on earth, I’ve witnessed 6 family members pass away and multiple family members of my fiancés pass away. It makes me wonder, how many family members do I have out in the world, that have no idea I even exist? Both sets of my grandparents where born and raised in America, but that’s as far back my family was in America. My great great grandfather, John, moved to America with his family, and they changed our last name into what it is today. Johns father, was born and raised in Wurzburg, Germany; while Johns mother was born and…

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