30 day writing challenge day 4. 

A look back

You're not alone in this world.

“Write about someone who inspires you.”

This is definitely where I’m going to write about my mom. She is my inspiration, my rock. We haven’t had the best of luck getting along in the past, but I was a moody teenager with a lot of problems. Aside from all the mean hateful things I said to her, she never left my side. She was the ONLY person to visit me everyday when I was in the mental hospital. What inspires me about her, she never gives up. She has a dream, she follows it. 

     When my mom was younger she married her first love, had two kids and was happy. Her first husband became abusive of her and her children. He wouldn’t allow my mom to visit or talk to family, wouldn’t allow her to go to school, or have a life. It was the 50s…

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