Memory Loss? 

Old Old Post. Love looking back at how differently I felt about mental health and even myself when I first starting blogging.

You're not alone in this world.

I feel like ever since I got out of the psych ward, my memory is fucked. I literally can remember being 3 years old up until about 12, then things start getting fuzzy. At first I thought maybe it was from all the drugs I did in high school, but then why wouldn’t I remember before high school? Maybe it’s my medication, maybe it’s because I have 3 different voices plus my own thoughts going on in my head that I don’t have time to remember things. I’ve been with my fiancé for 3 1/2 years now and she’ll say something like “remember when we first go together and we…” And I don’t remember it at all, it’s insane. I’ve read before that people with mental “issues” are more likely to suffer from memory loss than a “normal” person would. I’ve tried mediation to become one with my inner self…

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