Some Changes:) 

Added some new changes to my wordpress. Looks a lot better if you ask me! Did a new theme, new colors, a lot of new widgets! Finally getting the hang of it, lol.

CheckList For Today:

  1. Workout✔️
  2. Eat Breakfast✔️
  3. Clean House✔️
  4. Clean up dog poopy and cat liter✔️
  5. Weed Wack Hazels kennel…
  6. Eat Lunch
  7. Meet my dad at my house
  8. Jump Nikkis truck 
  9. Put transmission fluid in Nikkis truck
  10. Hangout with Nikki. 
  11. Eat Dinner
  12. Go play quarters at Nikkis cousins! Last time we won $6.75! Hopefully we get lucky today! 
  13. Watch some more of “Touch” 
  14. Go to Bed! 

Now; I’m going outside to weed wack our dogs kennel where she goes potty.