Thursday Challenges: 

First things first, 

I was nominated for “The Happiness Tag” by Stephanie over at Making Time For Me. If you’re not already following her, please go check out her page, you won’t be disappointed! 

Five things that make me happy: 

  1. My Fiancé, Nichole. Nikki makes me the happiest I’ve been in my life. Constantly knowing what to say to make my day 20x better. She’s the most understanding person in my life when it comes to my anxiety and schizophrenia. I’m so thankful for her, in so many different ways. She’s opened my eyes to a lot of different aspects in life, she’s shown me who I really can be in life. Thank you babe, for the nights you held me while I cried, the days I held onto you while my voices went nuts, for all the moments you’ve gone into stores by yourself while I waited in the car and had panic attacks. It’s the little things:). 
  2. My Animals, Hazel Jynx and Joplin. I know a lot of you are probably thinking, your animals? But yes! There are many times when Nikki would be at work and I just needed a shoulder to lean on, Hazel has always been there, full of support. Hazel understands when my head doesn’t feel good, sometimes even before I realize my heads acting up. Jynx and Joplin don’t have much support since they’re kittens, but they sure as hell make me smile! 
  3. My Nieces and Nephews: I grew up pretty much an only child since the age gap between me and my siblings is so massive. My sister has 4 kids, and my brother has 3, a lot of them I consider pretty much siblings. My oldest niece, Marisa is definitely the one I’ve gotten the closest to over the past few years, even though we grew up literally together. My youngest nephew is 5, just the things that he says can put a smile on my face. They’re always happy to see me, and this means more than anyone can imagine! 
  4. Fall: Fall makes me happy for so many reasons! One, this is the season that Nikki and I will be getting married in, next year:)! Two, football season is something Nikki and I celebrate together, going to football games, putting on our jerseys, having super bowl parties, etc. Three, the colors! Since we live tucked up in the mountains, I love being able to look out the window and seeing fields of orange and red. I’m ready for flannels, bonfires, football games, beanies, hot cocoa! 
  5. My Medicine: I know this probably isn’t something a lot of people are going to put in there list but it’s true. If it wasn’t for my medication I wouldn’t be the same person I am right now, and I’m aware of that. I can see and feel the difference when I’m not on them, I’m not happily me. 

Five songs that make me happy: 

  1. “Lean On” by Major Lazer.  Not too sure why this song makes me light up, but I love it. It makes me immediately want to get up and dance around the house. There was a time where I would listen to this song every morning, just to get my spirits in a good feeling type of mood. 
  2. “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes. This song puts a smile to my face the moment I hear it come on. This is mine and Nikkis, “song”. I love hearing her sing along to this song while in the shower, puts a smile on my face immediately. 
  3. “Cut the Cord” by Shinedown. Just the best of this song! The lyrics are too real, I recommend going and reading the lyrics:) 
  4. “No K” by Tech N9ne. The beat and lyrics! Techs music is usually gonna make me happy, but No K and handful of others will be at the top of my list. 
  5. “Sun Daze” by Flordia Georgia Line. Reminds me of summer so bad, brings back memories with Nikki:) We use to rock out to this song in the summertime lol. 

My nominations: 

Again, thank you Stephanie from Making Time For Me for this nomination! 




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