September Buys, Wants and DIYS! 

Since September is here and already 3 days in, I’ve done some shopping (which I’m very proud of myself for). 

As usual I always do a “random wants” at the beginning of every new month. 

This is where I’ll post random things that I want to buy during this month. I put want as want because most likely I don’t get them lol. 

Fortunately I do have a few items I’ve bought so far this month that I’ll also be adding on to here. Hopefully each month I’ll have something to show that I actually bought while going into a mall!! 

Enough of this…lets start! 

“September Random Wants”

Flowing plain long sleeve dress. Maybe turtle neck, scarf n some boots? But this dress is definitely on my monthly want list! I love long sleeve dresses for fall! This is more of a beginning of fall type of dress since some parts are mesh type. Large oversized sweater. A must for fall and football! Turtle neck oversized sweater! Sweater Poncho! I want this specific one! Dark grey vest for over a flannel. Summer top but with a fall cardigan and boots! White converse, since my dog ate mine. Perfect for fall and football season! Converse boots. A definite must by October. BOOTS!!! I love these leg warmers that add a little touch to some jeans n boots for the fall! Realllllyyy want this blanket scarf before winter! New beanies, a must for fall. Mermaid blanket. This is like the 3rd month for this to be on my want list but hey, I want it. Shower Speaker! My iPhone just isn’t loud enough to hear over the water! Omg yes Harry Potter mug! Want💚just because this is me 99.9% dream catcher and healing stone necklace. Found on etsy! 

September Crafts: 

I never know what to do with my glass containers from Bath n Body after my candle is all gone, well here ya go!! Mason Jar DIY project. Cleaning on pumpkins, drilling holes for designs, candle or battery operated lights! Dollar Tree DIY for fall! Pretty simple steps! 

Now for the kiddies! Thought this was adorable! 

My September Buys and Reviews So Far: 

The Infiniti Pro by Conair. Definitely an amazing hair straightener for $25.00 at Walmart. I usually don’t pick Conair when looking for hair products but I’m so glad I got this one. It came with a heat protecting case for you to sit it in while it heats up. Total plus. Goes all the way up to 425 degrees! Perfectly straightens my crazy wavy hair. 5/5 for you glen cocoa! L’OREAl Sleek It Iron Straigh Heatspray. This is a 5/5 on a hair product scale! I’m definitely buying more of this when I run out. Not only does it feel amazing after straightening  my hair but it also smells awesome! 
Do you have any of these random wants that I want? If so, do you like or dislike it? 

If you do any of these DIYS please let me know!