It’s The Little Things Challenge. 

A great challenge by The Shimmer Within Her. Adding a photo of something that made you smile that day! 

Today I had a few things that made me smile. 

The first: you can hear in this video, the birds chirping loud and the rain trickling off the roof top. I love how all the roads, crickets, and birds come out after a nice rain. ​Joplin and Hazel, doing their thing. Made me smile seeing them getting along. 

​in this video you can see the trees are changing colors! This made me smile today!  Seeing there was still a glass full of V8 when I woke up, made me smile n say yassssss! Crisp Morning Air Melt Wax, from Bath n Body. Love smelling this when walking out to the living room:) 

What made you smile today? 



  1. EdenNoMore · September 7, 2016

    I actually just wrote a post with stuff that made me smile this week, about the sweets from the candy store, getting my service dog’s vest all set for her arrival, and today it was noticing that my roses were in bloom again. Oh, and let’s not forget that I managed to get through a grocery trip without getting overwhelmed, got my favorite cookies, and consumed mass quantities of chocolate milk (because my diet doesn’t matter, clearly.) I’ve had a surprisingly good day, in spite of some bumps along the way!

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