Conspiracy Theory Tuesday.

maxresdefaultLet’s talk conspiracy theories, let’s talk about Project Serpo. If you’re an alien fanatic like me, you’ve probably already heard about Project Serpo, if not, take a moment to read this and tell me your thoughts.


Not many people were even aware of this project taking place in the time that it happened to take place. In 2005, information about the Project Serpo started to be released by a retired senior official within the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA).roswell-ufo-incident-roswell-ufo-alien-disclosure-aliens-extraterrestrials

The night of the Roswell Accident, there were two separate crashes, during the rescue of each Flying Object, one unknown live entity was found hiding behind a rock. We now know that his “type of alien” was an Eben.

We transported this Eben to a known place (probably Area 51), and learned to communicate with him. The Eben began telling us where his home planet (Serpo) was, and our government agreed to let his “home planet Ebens” come and get him from our planet. The Eben we had rescued lived until 1952, and died shortly after. Before dying, he explained a meeting was set for April 1964 or his home planet Ebens to come meet with the US government.

The aliens came, retrieved the bodies of the dead Ebens from the crashes, it’s believed that information was exchanged, and communication was in English due to the Aliens having a communication device to understand and speak our language.

In 1965 we had an exchange program set up with Ebens, our government carefully picked and selected 12 military personnel to go with the aliens to their planet. 10 men, two women, was planned to go with the aliens and return 10 years late. These 12 men and women were trained, vetted, and removed from military systems. There is a lot of debate whether it was 12 men or 10 men and 2 woman.

Like most things, plans don’t always go the way you’d want them to. Something went wrong, the 12 remained at Serpo until 1978, but only 7 men and one woman returned to Earth. Two died on the aliens home planet, (Serpo) and the two others decided to stay back on planet Serpo. Out of the 8 that returned to Earth, they have all died now, the last survivor died in 2002.

The team had a communication device to ping back things to Earth, and also documented their time while on Planet Serpo. Some of the things that they documented that stood out, the temperature on the planet was a lot hotter than on Earth, taking the humans many years to adjust. It’s believed that one of the main problems while on Serpo was the food that they ate, the human system had problems digesting the Eben’s food. The team took enough food for two years and rationed it another eight months, but eventually had to eat Eben’s food. Causing the team stomach problems, but they eventually adjusted. The Ebens even tried to create different foods for us, but none worked.

The team was never isolated by the Ebens, the humans were able to travel as much as they wanted and could see whatever they wanted to see. After six years the team moved to another part of Serpo, where temperature was cool and contained vegetation.

One of the things that caused some confusion for our humans that went to Serpo, there was no time on this planet. The Ebens even thought it was kind of weird how we kept track of time. The Eben’s didn’t quite understand the whole idea of time.

It’s believed that each “community” on Serpo had a large tower that filter the sun, when the sun was at a particular point on said tower, this mean the humans had to do a particular thing.

“There was never complete darkness on the Ebens planet. It got dim but not dark. The visitors had rest periods, but not like our sleep periods. The Ebens rested three times during their sun days. Our team determined the entire work period was approx. 43 hours. They had three rest periods within that 43 hours. That is still about 14 hours straight,… couldn’t get too many of our workers to do that! The Ebens also didn’t have months or years.

They did have life periods, as our team coined it. It was impossible to judge the visitor’s age, although our team did find graves. The population of the visitor’s planet was about 650,000. There were small communities throughout the planet. There were underground rivers, which fed into open valleys. There was industry.

But all of the food was grown, either in fields or in large buildings. They did have animals. Different types. Strange large beasts, they used for work and other things, but no meat was eaten. The geological make up of the planet was so much different than ours. Few mountains, no oceans, some trees or something similar to trees and no other civilization except the Ebens.

Everyone looked the same initially to our team. But after some time, the team members learned to identify different Ebens by their voices. Although the Ebens couldn’t speak English, they did make noises that our team members were able to translate into English. After five years, we had their language completely translated into English. The complete debriefing accounts for about three thousand pages. ” -this is a direct quote from  Paul Mcgovern you can read here

There is so much information on this planet that it’s insane, each piece documented from our military that was actually on this planet. Games that they played with the Ebens, things they taught the Ebens, and the Eben’s taught us. This is seriously an amazing website to check out, documentary to watch, and book to read. There is so much documented information on this Planet I can’t believe how there are so many non believers in this Project Serpo.

I wonder, what if those two humans that decided to stay back, are they alive right now? Did they end up helping the Ebens repopulate? Did we stay up there to learn more things to teach our government? What did the Ebens give us in return for giving back the bodies of the crash victims?

I could write all day about this and the what if’s that come to my mind. I would kill to be able to be one of the humans that got to go to this planet. I’m waiting for the day our government releases they need test bodies to go to Mars, I’ll be the first one in line.

I promise I’m not some crazy person, well actually I may be. I believe in this stuff more than half of these type of things over what our government tells us. Have you ever watched Ancient Alien Files? or Unsealed Alien Files? TV shows with real proof and documented paperwork from officials all over the world, not just America.

The Battle of Los Angeles, real as all hell, except we “battled” with UFO’s. I know how crazy I probably sound to a lot of you, but I truly believe in this with my whole heart. Please don’t judge without doing some research, and maybe you’ll get done reading it and be like “this bitch is wack” or you’ll think “”.

Take a moment and visit some of these pages.

Serpo.Org – this is where you’ll find ALL info you need about Project Serpo. Including documents, statements from official high up retired military men and women.

Battle of Los Angeles – information on there. You can simply find more on UFO battle of Los Angeles by simply googling it. Roswell-incident-google.jpg

Take a  moment pleasseeee and google this stuff, read what you can find. There are so many videos on Youtube about planet Serpo, take a moment and watch them.

if this something you’re completely not interested, please don’t leave ignorant comments, just keep on a scrolling to the next post. IF this is something you highly believe in, leave me some comments about what you think is going on. 

Next Tuesday we’re talking about Chemtrails.

all images found on google images. All information I used I have left links. 




  1. everydaylife · September 14, 2016

    Im intrigued! Thank you for posting this content. 🙂
    I just visited serpo page and there was errr.. A LOT of data? So i could not read it all. But I read about how Ebens kept time and temperature of their planet. WOW.

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · September 19, 2016

      Just now seeing this comment! There is A LOT of data, definitely something to read when you have a few extra hours on your hand lol. Aliens are a big thing that I really read about, it’s fascinating how many people are against the idea of them living and walking the same earth we do…but ya never know I guess. I believe they’re here, I believe they’ve been here before us. We just don’t even know it.


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