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I picked two different topics to talk about today that has been popping up all over the news.


On September 9th, Secretary of State, ‘John Kerry’ provided an explanation when introducing a new plan to slow the war down between the Syrian government and the “legitimate” opposition forces, thus creating a new way for the U.S. and Russia to begin panning airstrikes against other militaries.

“Hopefully the new plan will reduce violence, ease suffering, and resume movement towards a negotiated peace and a political transition in Syria”-said John Kerry.

The Obama administration is also playing a large part in prolonging the war, by continuing to provide a measure of support to opposing groups inside Syria. Residents.Aleppo.8July2016.AFP_.jpg

The current trend is simply creating more terrorism, more extremists, and destroying the country in the process”- John Kerry.

More About This Here: CommonDreams.org

U.S Secretary of State ‘John Kerry’ and Russian Foreign Minister ‘Sergey Lavrov’ have agreed to extend the ceasefire in Syria for another 48 hours.

” We’ve seen violations by both sides, we’re continuing to monitor this very closely” -State Department spokesman ‘Mark Toner’

On top of all this happening in Syria, an Aid Convoy is currently being held up at the Turkish border town of Cilvegozu, being paused of entering the country to deliver foods, and medical aid to Eastern Aleppo. The United Nates have stated that 250,000-275,000 people have been cut off of any assistance since early July in Aleppo.

Aid Convoys Stuck in on Turkish-Syrian Border in Aleppo

Aid Convoys Stuck in on Turkish-Syrian Border in Aleppo 

“The UN Convoy from Turkey to Eastern Aleppo is still in customs area on the border this morning because of lack of de facto assurances of safe passages by all parties. The convoys are ready to go once the approval from all parties is given.” – ‘Jens Laerke’ a spokesman for the UN humanitarian office. 201684173812886710951_The-battle-for-eastern-Aleppo-pitting-besieged-.jpg

I personally couldn’t imagine being in Syria at this point in time. I personally couldn’t imagine not allowing this convoy to deliver food and aid supplies to innocent children, women, and men. I don’t believe the people of countries should be punished for the wrongdoings of their governments. But hell, that’s just my perspective, what do you think about all this that is going on in Syria? Let me know in the comments below. 

If you’d like to read more and watch news clippings of this, visit CNN.com

Zika Virus: 650x350_aedes_albopictus_mosquito.jpg

The National Environmental Agency (NEA) announced that as of 3pm on September 14th, that another 8 cases of the Zika Virus has been diagnosed. This will bring the total number to 341 cases since August 27th!!

You’ve probably already heard of the Zika Virus but incase you live under a rock, I’ll explain a little further into what the Zika Virus technically is.zika-virus-common-symptoms1200x800.png

The Virus is transmitted by a mosquito, the same mosquito that carries dengue fever, yellow fever, and chikungunya virus. Once a mosquito bites an infected person it then passes each virus to other people that it may bite. The outbreaks of this virus did not occur outside of Africa until 2007, when it spread to the South Pacific.

“Zika can spread through sex, usually after a person traveled to an area where Zika has broken out, got the virus, and gave the virus to a sex partner who did not travel. Infected women and men can both pass the virus to sex partners — even if they haven’t shown symptoms of infection”- says the CDC.

A report in Brazil has confirmed that the virus was found in the saliva and urine of an infected person with Zika.

Back to originally what I was talking about…

Analysis have found that the virus belongs to the Asian area and likely evolved from a strain that was already in Southwest Asia. The first case reported in May 2016 as confirmed to be the same strains as the one found in South america to the one found in South Asia.

If you’d like to read more about this particular article of more cases found, you can check it out here: TheOnlineCitizen

Zika In Northern Ireland?

“Several people in Northern Ireland have been treated for the Zika virus” -says health officials in the Country.

Confirmed to BBC that fewer than 5 people have been treated for the virus in the past year. One of the persons being treated was as early as last week for the virus!

Zika has been slowly making it’s way around the world. The UK has had 94 cases of Zika. Estimated that in The Americas that up to 94 million are at risk of getting this virus.

Read more about this here: wired.co.uk

So How Can You Tell If You Have The Zika Virus? 

“Only about 1 in 5 people with the virus will exhibit symptoms,” says Amesh Adalja, MD, a spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. “The vast majority have no symptoms at all.”

Zika has “never been thought of as a severe infectious disease until now,” Adalja says.

Why are pregnant women so worried about this virus?

Zika causes microcephaly in babies born to infected pregnant women, the CDC confirmed earlier this year. Microcephaly stunts a baby’s head growth, causing devastating, sometimes fatal brain damage, and it can result in miscarriage or stillbirth.650x350_microcephaly_features.jpg

what are your thoughts on the Zika Virus? Population Control by the government? Made up insect gone wrong? let me know you’re thoughts on any of these news articles in the comments below.

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