It’s been an interesting day today. I woke up at 6AM so Nikki could drop me off at my moms before she went to work. My meds have been making me really dizzy for some reason. That being said, when I woke up I literally fell over due to being so dizzy. I laid back down and made arrangements for my mom to pick me up on her lunch break. 

Once I stepped outside I thought “it’s fall?!” Because the weather is so weird lately. Two days ago it was 56 degrees at night time, this is like fall weather, then yesterday it was 95 degrees, hot as shit. Now today it’s 60 some out, I have on a freaking jacket n jeans. 

I haven’t done my throw back Thursday post yet because I didn’t bring my laptop with me and I can’t stress enough how much I hate posting on here from my cellphone. 

That use to be the only way I posted, until I posted from a computer and was like woah so much easier and cleaner looking. 

Now I’m outside at my moms enjoying a smoke before going home. Looks refreshing right? Too bad moms planning on closing it next weekend due to how the weather has been so odd! 

Well going home now, will post my throwback Thursday once I get my laptop in front of me:) 

How’s the weather where you’re at? How’s your day goin? 




  1. victoriamariealonso · September 15, 2016

    Perfect seventies where i am. Got my dad outside for some fresh air and sun and he was content! My day is going good because my dad had a good day and it has been a while since he had one. Life is good! Looking forward to reading Throwback Thursday:)

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    • yourenotaloneinthisworld · September 16, 2016

      Ahh the 70s is perfect weather! I missed the Throwback Thursday, but still posting it today!


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