Monday Inspiration! With some humor added:) 

Hey, everyone! I’ve had a lonnnngggg weekend, I’m actually happy this week is starting:) Nikki and I was busy all weekend “de-fleaing” our freaking house, and I can finally say we’re flea free. We tried everything, and I mean everything to get rid of them. Finally, we had enough, 3 flea bombs, $50 dog drops, $45 cat drops, $40 flea bath ointment, and $35 flea spray later, we’re  free of them! We’re broke as a joke, but we’re flea free.

I think we could all use a little Monday Inspiration. Sorry, this post is a little later than usual, it’s currently 1:53pm, and I just woke up, had a cup of coffee and a cig, now on to blogging. I was up until 6:30am, no idea why I just couldn’t sleep! I hate those night, wake up all confused like “what day is it?!” “Where the hell is Nikki?!” But then I remembered holy shit it’s 1pm, she’s at work and almost off by now!!

So here’s some inspiration!

Now some Monday Humor Shall We?

Cough Cough, Hilary Clinton. 

Hope some of these gave you a little inspiration and a little giggle for your Monday:)

How’s your Monday going? Let me know in the comments below!