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I’m thinking of doing some guest bloggers on “You’re Not Alone In This World“.

I’m too sure on how I’m going to go about doing it, but I do know what “topics” I’d like people to write about. So I figured I’d make this post, write the list of topics that I’m interested in someone writing about. If you see a topic that you think you’d be a good fit for, just leave me a comment letting me know what topic you’d be most interested in writing for, and I’ll reach out to you.

Also, please have experience in the topic you pick, don’t just pick a topic and google for the answers lol. I want a real truthful post that you and others can relate to!

Not too sure when it’ll take place but it will be this month.

The Topics: 

  • What it is like being an LGBTQ teenager in high school these days. Since I’m sure it’s changed a lot since I’ve been in high school, and a lot since my fiance was in high school. I graduated in 2012 so I know it won’t be that different, but it was still a big “secret” at the school I attended. My fiance graduated in 2006 and when she was in school it was a completely different story than when I was in high school. Is it accepted more now than it was when we were in high school? Can you openly dress the way you want going to dances like prom? Etc.
  • An honest opinion on what teens or adults from other countries think of our teens and young adults from America. This is something I’m curious about, how others look at us Americans. Whether you’re a teen, a young adult, or an adult, what do you think of the young adult generation in America? This would probably be more of an interview guest post, I’d ask questions, you’d give me your most honest answer, etc.
  • Top Conspiracy Theories You Believe Are Real Theories:  I’m definitely looking forward to this one. You can make a 200-page document and I promise I’ll read it all if it contains material about conspiracy theories. If you’re looking to do this one, please make sure you have websites that you got your information from, youtube videos that talk about, and state your own opinion, etc. I’m really excited about this one!
  • Do You Think As Of Today, We’re One Human Race or A Divided Human Race? Just like above, if you’ll be doing this one please include sites that you got your information from, relatable subjects that you’ve encountered or a family/friend has encountered. This would probably also be more of an interview type of guest blogging. Just curious of how others portray our human race.
  • Personal Experience Being A College Student with Mental Health “Illnesses”. Since I’ve yet to go to College, actually dropped out 4 different times due to my mental health issues, I’m curious, how do you handle everyday life in College? This could be either a complete guest post or an interview guest post, I’ll decide once someone actually wants to do this one lol.
  • Personal Experience Being An Adult In An Office Workplace With Mental Health “Illnesses”. This I’m curious about since my workplace is my sofa, I’m lucky enough to work from home. I know if it was up to me to get out there in the world and get a day to day office job, I’d have some problems. I’d love to hear how you handle situations, how your boss handles your situations, etc. This could either be a complete guest post or an interview guest post as well. Like above, I’ll decide once I get people interested in doing the guest post!

    Like I Said Above, If you’re seriously interested in doing this and have some free time on your hands, please let me know what topic you’d be most interested in doing, and we’ll go from there! 

I’m really looking forward to expanding my blog more and allowing others to guest post on it. Also, looking forward to seeing how many people would actually be interested in doing this with me! 

Once I have enough people for each subject, I’ll announce who will be doing what and will reach out to you! 

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Feel free to go ahead and share this posting if you’d like! 



  1. victoriamariealonso · September 20, 2016

    Ryan, I have a really bad experience with having a mental illness in the workplace and a really good experience. I would be happy to write about both/either. Let me know what you think

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