Relaxation, Marley Style. 

img_4718Omg this tea is the most relaxing drink I’ve found yet. The sugar intake isn’t too bad, not compared to a soda:) I found this last night at a local 711 that we have. They have around 4-5 different flavors, this sounded the best to me. The Peach Raspberry Black Tea. (decaffeinated and naturally flavored) The taste is seriously 5/5 for this flavor, the other’s I haven’t tried but next time I’m getting the lemonade one instead of the tea.

I really recommend trying these teas out if they have them in your area! I’m just now noticing them being sold places, not at a Sheetz yet though.

I’m still working on my Weekly News Wednesday. As its long AF! Goin get my relaxation on before I finish:)




  1. Tikeetha T · September 22, 2016

    Are you feeling better?

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